Channeling Q&A + Energy Setting Meditations

Interested in Channeling?  This 90 minute video Q&A is a companion conversation to Spirit School founder, Amy Sikarskie's book, The Ultimate Guide to Channeling: Practical Techniques to Connect With Your Spirit Guides.

Tune in for a gentle cleansing of energy and space setting followed by an insightful conversation where Amy answers questions from participants on channeling.

Topics Include

  • Forms of Channeling
  • Sources of Information 
  • Physical Sensations 
  • Working with Clair Gifts
  • Preparing to Channel
  • Tips on discerning your own energy v.s channeling your guides energy?
  • Why some energies are more challenging to clear.

Questions Include

  • How do you know if you are channeling when you are painting and creating art.
  • What does it feel like when you share your energy and physical body with guides and angels. 
  • How do you know what your energy felt like versus your guides?
  • Does the humming and physical sensations go away once you are calibrated? Or does it become more intense?
  • Do some people have physical signs of being a channel?
  • What’s the best meditation or way to clear your energy?
  • Sometimes I hear voices, mostly when I'm about to fall asleep or when I'm waking up. The words are crystal clear, but sometimes they do not make much sense. Is this another form of channeling or a different kind of communication attempt?
  • What kind of channeling light language considered to be?


Prepare your energy body for intuitive communication through the many forms of channeling in the 44:44 minute guided audio meditation.

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    4. ✨ Closing & Resources ✨

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Amy Sikarskie

Amy is an intuitive channel and energy therapist. She works closely with higher dimensional beings- including the client's higher self, angelic realms, spirit guides, and star councils. Amy specializes in mentoring the awakening Starseed and is a physical channel for Council of Light and Archangels. In her Spirit School courses, Amy shares many experiences and information on the energetic body, light working and intuitive communication. She is a Licensed Vocational Nurse, Certified Teacher, Reiki Master, Crystal Light Table Practitioner, Past Life Hypnotherapist and Channel. For more information visit

Amy Sikarskie

Reiki Master, Intuitive Channel

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Practical Techniques to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

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Enjoy access to the 90 minute video experience and 44:44 minute meditation for one full year.