Course Information

This is a private online course is for students that are interested in expanding on their Advanced Energy Therapy weekend training through an apprenticeship and will receive their certification in Advanced Energy Therapy Techniques through Spirit School. 

This course includes five, two-hour live Zoom sessions for a total of ten hours live classroom time and a thirty minute private mentor session. Students will have a chance to ask questions and we will have a group telegram chat for continued support.

During the live Zoom classes:

  • We will have meditations, activations, reviews and introduction into supporting areas of interest, for example working with a specific angel or crystals.

  • Students will learn about energetically clearing past live blocks and releasing cords to parallel and past lives

  • Students will learn additional techniques and hand movements that support their prior training.

  • We will review the homework/healing sessions from the prior weeks for questions and insights on different aspects that come up in students practice sessions. 

  • There will be opportunities for students & the instructor to demonstrate one or two techniques from the weekend training in Fort Worth.

  • We will review professional standards of care, proper etiquette and business practices.

Mentoring will span 9 weeks of training and support through biweekly* zooms, a group chat and the mentoring session. 

Zooms will be held at 7-9:00 PM CST on:


October 15th

November 5th 


November 17th

December 1st & 15th

To certify students are asked to join or review the Zooms and perform 24 healing sessions keeping brief documentation. 

This apprenticeship will allow students to go deeper into their practice strengthening their techniques.

Students are encouraged to work with partners outside of the class  and to experience what it’s like working with the general public, and those that need more in-depth and more extensive treatments.

This is a great opportunity to be in a personalized and small class setting.  It’s my intention to meet the needs of students based on what comes up in life and in their sessions outside of our time at Mariposa. While I was apprenticing and getting started I purchased multiple mentoring sessions and they added up quickly. This was after I graduated & certified from a course that was 72 classroom hours and that didn’t include my homework/sessions outside of classroom. The 9 weeks of apprenticeship is an added experience for students.

Tuition: $555 USD 

Please message me on Telegram with any questions, Amy

Course curriculum

  • 01


    Show Content
    • Course Highlights
    • Private Mentoring Call
  • 02

    Class 1 - Zoom October 15th 7:00 CST

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    • Zoom 1 Replay October 15, 2019
    • Angels & Guides Week 1
    • PDF Angels & Guides Week 1
    • Conscious Intention
    • Techniques 1
    • Self-Care and Maintaining Energy
    • Self Care & Boundaries
    • Self Care & Boundaries Quiz
    • Documentation 1
    • Set Up Your Private Mentor Session
  • 03

    Class 2 - Zoom November 5th at 7:00 CST

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    • Zoom 2 Replay November 5, 2019
    • Pendulum and Chakras
    • Techniques 2
    • Ethics & Professional Boundaries
    • Ethics and Professional Boundaries Quiz
    • Documentation 2
    • Holding Space
  • 04

    Class 3 - Zoom November 17th at 7:00 CST

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    • Zoom November 17 th at 7:00 CST
    • Integration
    • Techniques 3
    • Energetic Cords Quiz
    • Past Life Healing
    • Boundaries & Discernment
    • Documentation 3
  • 05

    Class 4 - Zoom December 1st - 7:00 PM CST

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    • Zoom Replay December 1st, 2019
    • Pets & Energy Healing
    • Patterns & Synchronicities
    • Polarity
    • Polarity Correction - Amy Sikarskie
    • Self Care Strategies For Empaths
    • Marketing
  • 06

    Class 5 - Zoom December 15th at 7:00 PM CST

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    • Zoom Replay December 15th
    • Portals & Past Lives, Integration, Chronic Illness & Case Studies
    • Scheduling Options
  • 07


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    • Congratulations!
    • Special Opportunities
    • Before you go...