Learn to Channel with Amy & Nicole

Learn the fundamentals of channeling your highest self and your team in Spirit.

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Believe in yourself! Your path was designed and conceived before your feet even touch the Earth. Know that there are many “loop holes” designed for your advancement. Figure these out and you will soar high! Channeling provides the map to your intuition and soul to unlock such portals of knowledge.

Amy and I will be discussing these concepts at length. We will dive deep within every nook and cranny of your soul to help you channel yourself and your team in Spirit completely. When your can hear, feel and see your team in Spirit, life becomes a dance of wonderment and joy. No longer do you see life as happening to you... but FOR YOU! These concepts, codes and science are held deep within your heart. We will show you how to unlock them.

40 hours of coursework, live classrooms with us and a private IG group just for students where we all love and support each other in the unfolding of your soul. You are now in the “vortex” of your being and your reach in this reality is limitless. Trust that!

Universal codes within your heart unlock the mystery of life. These are numerical sequences, ancient codes, Star vibrations, unraveling you! We can show you how to meet them through sound and frequency. Meet your guides, channel the masters and become the ultimate channel you wish to be here!

Live Classroom Broadcasts Schedule:

 All of our Zoom lives broadcasts will be on Central Standard Time on:

 Wednesday, November 7th @ 7:00-9:00pm

Wednesday, November 14th @ 7:00-9:00pm

Wednesday, November 21st @ 7:00-9:00pm

Wednesday, November 28th @ 7:00-9:00pm

Tuesday, December 4th @ 7:00-9:00pm

Course Curriculum

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What's included?

41 Videos
12 Quizzes
10 Surveys
58 Texts
3 PDFs
Nicole Bowdler &  Amy Sikarskie
Nicole Bowdler & Amy Sikarskie

About the instructor

An Earth Angel incarnated to help humanity.  Archangel Metatron introduced himself in 1994 to be of service to this beautiful spirit.  It was then; I understood my path would be one of conscious human development and learning directly from the Angelic Realm.  He would teach me about all realities and timelines concerning the planet.  Our work together has been one of love and unity consciousness.  Archangel Metatron is an astute teacher who guides his students upon self – realization rather than hierarchy.  Together we have helped thousands globally through personal sessions, channeled workshops and group activations.  We love to help people regain their confidence in self and understand who they are and who they have come here to be!  


Amy Sikarskie is a liaison of Light and Encoded Frequencies. As an Angelic Starseed she has been communicating with guides and her angels since childhood. She has strengthened her connection with her the guides and the angelic realm and brought forward their messages in her two recent books, Starseeded Ascensions: Messages from the Councils, and Activating the Starseed. Amy offers energy therapy, readings, and past life regressions to client’s worldwide.   She is a Licensed Vocational Nurse, Crystal Light Table Practitioner, Reiki Master, Past Life Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Channel. Amy offers online classes, and in-person and private sessions by phone, email and Skype.



Learn to Channel with this information yet fun class. You will find out more about yourself and your gifts through this 5 week process. Meet kindred Spirits and share you Magic along the way!

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Taking this course with Amy & Nicole I feel was a very important step on my path. It helped open me up even more to my team in Spirit and form new relationships that I didn't even know I had available to me with those on the other side. Everyday I’m learning more and more about whom is working with me in Spirit, and it’s been beautiful to find out more about myself at a soul level through getting to know my team. - Elijah R.

I consider myself a newbie to spirit, archangels, ascended masters and spirit guides. I wanted to have a deeper connection to this new world I just started to explore from people who aren’t just super knowledgeable and experienced but loving and caring individuals. I wanted to learn how to trust my inner voice, call in my Spiritual team and start receiving messages directly to me instead of paying someone else to channel messages for me. By the end of the 5 weeks I had so many awesome, magical, fun, exciting experiences. I actually couldn’t wait to meditate because I felt such a stronger connection to spirit and couldn’t wait to see what I’d hear and channel next. I feel so much more confident in my new skills and the love that surrounds me ... - Theresa N.

This course has answered more questions than I knew I could have about the art of channeling. How to stay in integrity, peace, love and abundance. If this course has come in to your awareness, consider joining now! This information and the loving way it’s presented has shifted my way of walking in the world. It has “set me free.” JR, Dallas

I am forever grateful for this experience, for this class. On my spiritual journey I was certain of god, of spirit, of the angels. And I called to them, asking to melt into their beingness but I always fell short. Somehow i wasn’t connecting the way I knew I could. I felt so close and yet so apart. It was by chance that I found Nicole & Amy on Instagram and when I first saw their post about the class I knew I should take it, even though I had never seen them channel or knew what it meant. From week one my life changed... to hear a response to my call from the angels is an experience I will never tire of. To hear from them that we are one, that I am so loved (that we are all loved) is a feeling I cannot put into words. - Diana H.

These 5 weeks have been filled with so much joy, the information, tools, connection and expansion shared here is forever in my heart and will continue to guide me along my journey. I'm so emotional writing this! This has just been so wonderful, so humbled to be a part of such a divine community! Thank you Amy and Nicole! - Chess R.