Meditation Certifications

Levels I, II & III


Join Kat Fowler for a self-study Meditation Certification Training available online. In this powerful and comprehensive professional training, you will learn everything you need to understand the basics and foundational elements of meditation. You will learn several different traditional styles of meditation as well as how to create and start your own daily practice. Having a consistent meditation practice can create profoundly positive effects on your energy and mental state. 

Included in your training are several online class lectures which you have access to for 60 days. Homework may be started after completing the online course. Certification is given only after completion of the homework. Please note, Level 1 is the prerequisite for Level 2.

In this certification course you have the opportunity to learn the foundations of meditation in depth and officially certify as a Meditation Foundation Level 1 practitioner through Spirit School. If you are interested in becoming a meditation practitioner and furthering your study, register and sign up below.

Our Meditation Certification Program offers three levels with the opportunity to certify as a meditation teacher. 

Each level builds on the other. Students are invited to train in one, two or all three levels. We have an early bird special on level one which starts in October and a package special when initially enrolling in all three levels.

Each certification includes a live online group class with Kat Fowler. The replays will be available for those that cannot make the live classes.

Continuing Education credits are available for yoga instructors.

Level One - Foundations of Meditation - Start Today!

Level Two - Advanced Meditation - November, 1st

Level Three - Certified Teacher December, 12th

Enroll in all three courses for a special tuition rate here

These are self paced, year-round certification courses. Students may enroll at anytime and have 60 days access to each level. 

Those that join during our launch will have the opportunity to join the live Zoom Q&As with Kat. 

These will be recorded for those that cannot make them live.

Payment options available on all levels, scroll down for more information.

Kat Fowler

Kat Fowler is a light worker, an international teacher, speaker and writer on spirituality and meditation based in New York City. She is also an advanced Energy Therapist, Akashic Records reader, a long-time meditation teacher, a yoga teacher trainer, a Reiki Master Teacher and the host of The Soul Awakening Podcast. 

Kat is a teacher’s teacher with more than 2,000 hours of training and over a decade of teaching and mentoring students of all kinds. Although she started on this alternative, holistic and spiritual path very early on with her family, Kat continuously pursued educational programs in the spiritual arts. 

Kat’s taken over 23 official training certification programs in yoga and energy medicine and has studied with Yoga Medicine, Dharma Yoga, Yoga Tune Up, the Academy of Intuition medicine, Spirit School, & the IEL institute of spiritual arts, as well as smaller studies at other schools. 

Kat has taught trainings all over the world since 2012, and has been mentoring students in NYC in internationally for over a decade and currently leads her own Reiki energy healing, and meditation trainings online. 

Her life's work is dedicated to raising the frequency of the collective through sharing spiritual practices and healing energy to help you discover the truest wisdom of your highest self, within. 

She has been featured on the cover of Yoga Journal, Om Yoga magazine, NY Yoga + Life Magazine, Natural Awakenings Magazine and featured in interviews on ABC News and the New York Times. 

Kat teaches our Meditation Certification program with levels I, II & Teacher Training, coming fall of 2020. 

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Regular Price $333

Enjoy our Early Bird Special of $288 or enroll with two monthly payments.

Meditation Foundations Course Curriculum


    •    Meditation: an Overview

    •    Your Brain on Meditation

    •    Scientific Research on Meditation

    •    Proven Medical Benefits of Meditation

    •    History of Meditation

    •    Philosophical Background

    •    Importance of Posture: Different Types And Their Effects

    •    Basics of Diaphragmatic Breathing

    •    Nervous System Foundations

    •    Learn Concentration Techniques: Mindfulness, Body Scanning, Mantra, Counting, etc.

    •    Music vs Silence

    •    Getting into a “Meditative State”

    •    Spiritual Benefits of Meditation

    •    Overview of Different Meditation Practices & Techniques: Yogic, Zen, Walking, Transcendental, Vipassana, Etc.

    •    How to Establish a Consistent Meditation Practice

    •    Tips for Meditating

    •    Importance of Courage and Compassion in Meditation

    •    Breaking Through Resistance

    •    Option for Additional Continuing Education Hours for Yoga Teachers



  • Guided beginner body scan audio meditation with Kat Fowler
  • Live or recorded group Q&A through Zoom
  • Foundations of Meditation Quiz
  • Logging a daily meditation practice, 2-3 sentences for each day, 3 weeks (21 consecutive days)
    • Week 1: 5 mins,
    • Week 2: 5-10 mins
    • Week 3: 10-15 mins
  • Q&A available via email from written homework document
  • Option to separately purchase additional mentorship sessions including Q&A with Kat any time after the course

Enroll in level one or all three to become a certified meditation teacher. See below for details and tuition options.

Catch Level One's Early Bird Special of $288!

Foundations Level One Launches Oct 11th, Level Two in Nov & Level Three in Dec - Scroll Down for Tuition for all 3 Levels

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Regular Price $333

Enjoy our Early Bird Special of $288 or enroll with two monthly payments.

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