Mediumship Development 101

Learn the basics of Mediumship and Spirit. Certification and practices included.

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During this 5 week course you will enter the world of Spirit, the Angelic Realms and divine communication with your Ancestors. This course will take you on to a journey within the self. You will be transported into the world of unseen forces and learn to dance and play with them.

Discovering your Mediumship abilities and learning the art of communication is just the first step. You will be completely confident in your abilities and will learn how to make sense of a multi-dimensional life. All of your Spirit guides, the Angels and your Ancestors will physically show up in your reality as we meet.

Each week we will take an in-depth look at your already natural gifts and talents, we will pull back the veil on each and strengthen them. Every lesson is specifically tailored to you and your path. This course includes a certification, practical experience and homework to be completed. You will also meet soul family here and build a strong international community.


What's included?

2 Videos
11 Texts
2 PDFs
Nicole Marie Bowdler
Nicole Marie Bowdler
Physical Medium

About the instructor

An Earth Angel incarnated to help humanity.  Archangel Metatron introduced himself in 1994 to be of service to this beautiful spirit.  It was then; I understood my path would be one of conscious human development and learning directly from the Angelic Realm.  He would teach me about all realities and timelines concerning the planet.  Our work together has been one of love and unity consciousness.  Archangel Metatron is an astute teacher who guides his students upon self – realization rather than hierarchy.  Together we have helped thousands globally through personal sessions, channeled workshops and group activations.  We love to help people regain their confidence in self and understand who they are and who they have come here to be!

Thank you for being a clear channel for Metatron and the Angels. I'm so thankful for the love, the clearing and the support and comfort they bring. I'm so thankful to be able to physically hear their voice, what they have to say and to be able to communicate with them. So thank you so much for bringing that forth and for offering that blessing to the world. You're the best Nicole and I appreciate you so much! _ Katie S, MA

Learn to channel Spirit and the world around you, easily and professionally. This course will prepare you for all of the intricacies of Spirit and for taking your spiritual work to the next level. You will feel confident and capable of all the Realms in the Spirit World.

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