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    • What is it Like to Channel Star Beings, Archangels & The Council of Light? - New Video is Released 9/25/2020

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    Early Connections -2018

    • Welcome to Our Library of Messages!

    • The Council of Light & Metatron on Ascension Waves at Bell Rock, Sedona, AZ - 2/3/2018

    • Amy's First Physical Channel with The Council of Light - - - Abundance, The New Children & The New Earth - Sedona, AZ - 2/6/2018

    • Consciously Choosing the Highest Time Line & Meeting Amy’s Council 2.16.2018

    • Ascending to the 5th Dimension - Rising Above Low Vibrations - 4/4/2018

    • Lightworkers & the Next Seven Years - Messages from The Council of Light 11/29/2018

    • Karma & The StarChild 12/1/2018

    • Energy Shifts in the New Year, Immigration & Reaching the 5th Dimension 12/26/2018

    • Spirit School - A Gathering of Angels Weekend - Group Messages 12.12.2018

    • Activating the Starseed

    • Share a little about your experience

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    2019 - Messages & Interviews With The Council of Light

    • Council of Light 1/5/2019

    • Shifting Into the 5th Dimension 1/16/2019

    • The Council of Light on Starseeds, Earth & Past Lives, the Aura and more -with Elijah 2/1/2019

    • The Council of Light- Questions on Channelling Interviewed by Vittoria - 2/7/2019

    • Additional Messages & Courses with Amy & The Council of Light

    • Katie Interviews The Council of Light Part 1 of 2, 2/11/2019

    • Katie Interviews The Council of Light Part 2 of 2, 2/11/2019

    • A Message from the Stars - The Soul Awakening Podcast 9/2019

    • Sandra Interviews The Council of Light 10/2019

    • 11.11 Portal - Conversation The Council & Tiffany

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    2020 Interviews & Conversations with The Council of Light

    • COL 1 - Multi-Dimensionality, our Spirit Guides, Light Body Activations and much more! 3/19/2020

    • COL 2 - Dimensions & Realms - Conversations with The Council of Light 3/23/2020

    • COL 3 - Soul Families, Chakras, Guides & 3-5D 4/10/2020

    • The Council of Light on Eagle Spirit Radio Speaks of The Current Energies and History on Earth - 4/13/2020

    • COL 4 - 6th & 7th Dimensions, Crystals, Earth Angels, Starseeds & A Message from Metatron 4/15/2020

    • COL 5 - “Time” Reincarnation, Dimensions & Parallel Realities. With Amy, Kat & The Council of Light 4/21/2020

    • COL 6 - The Council of Light, AA Michael & Metatron, 6-12D, Soul Evolution, Plant Medicine, & More! - 4/24/2020

    • The Council of Light: Lyrian, Pleiadian & Sirian Star Beings Share Their Star Perspective - Eagle Spirit Radio & The Council of Light 6/19/2020

    • COL 7 - Cosmic Law, Contact & Star Races part 1: Lyra 6/26/2020

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    • COL 8 - Energetic Anatomy of Star Beings, stars and planets, Star races part 2: Sirius transmission

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    • Eagle Spirit Radio & The Council of Light: DNA Disruption and Message of Hope Strength in Unity - 7/10/2020

    • COL 9 - Multidimensional Clairvoyance & Star Races (p3): Pleiades & Orion - 7/24/2020

    • COL 10-Star Races Part 4 Andromedans & Arcturians & the Council of Light

    • COL 11 - Viewer Q&A -Light Working Responsibilities - 9/11/2020

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    2020 Shorter Q&A's

    • 1 - The Council of Light on the Grand Central Sun

    • 2 - Multi Universes & The Grand Central Sun

    • 3 -The Council of Light on Source & God

    • 4 - Your Birth Star Alignment & Given Name

    • 5 - Inherited Psychic Gifts

    • 6 - Parallel Universes & the Galactic Center

    • 7 - Star Seeds & Seeding the Earth, Animals & Star Beings

    • 8 - Mythology, Gods & Blue Avians

    • 9 - Telepathy & Psychically Communicating with Animals

    • 10 - Healing With Color & The Rays of Creation

    • 11- Forgiveness

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    2021 Channeled Messages & Conversations

    • Message For Starseeds & Lightworkers From The Council of Light, Channeled by Amy Sikarskie 1.2021

    • The Council of Light - Shifting Timelines & Discernment + Clearing Meditation - Channeled -Amy & Kat March 2021

Channeled Conversations Are Brought to You in Part By

Amy is an intuitive channel and energy therapist. She works closely with higher dimensional beings- including the client's higher self, angelic realms, spirit guides, and star councils. Amy specializes in mentoring the awakening Starseed and is a physical channel for Council of Light and Archangels. In her Spirit School courses, Amy shares many experiences and information on the energetic body, light working and intuitive communication. She is a Licensed Vocational Nurse, Certified Teacher, Reiki Master, Crystal Light Table Practitioner, Past Life Hypnotherapist and Channel. For more information visit

Amy Sikarskie, LVN, CHt

Reiki Master, Intuitive Channel

Channeled Conversations Are Brought to You in Part By

Kat Fowler is a light worker, an international teacher, speaker and writer on spirituality and meditation based in New York City. She is also an advanced Energy Therapist, a long-time meditation teacher, a yoga teacher trainer, a Reiki Master Teacher and the host of The Soul Awakening Podcast. Kat is a teacher’s teacher with more than 2,000 hours of training and over a decade of teaching and mentoring students of all kinds. Although she started on this alternative, holistic and spiritual path very early on with her family, Kat continuously pursued educational programs in the spiritual arts. Kat’s taken over 23 official training certification programs in yoga and energy medicine and has studied with Yoga Medicine, Dharma Yoga, Yoga Tune Up, the Academy of Intuition medicine, Spirit School, & the IEL institute of spiritual arts, as well as smaller studies at other schools. Kat has taught trainings all over the world since 2012, and has been mentoring students in NYC in internationally for over a decade and currently leads her own Reiki energy healing, and meditation trainings online. Her life's work is dedicated to raising the frequency of the collective through sharing spiritual practices and healing energy to help you discover the truest wisdom of your highest self, within. She has been featured on the cover of Yoga Journal, Om Yoga magazine, NY Yoga + Life Magazine, Natural Awakenings Magazine and featured in interviews on ABC News and the New York Times.

For more information, visit and You can find Kat on social media @katfowler and the show @soulawakeningpodcast

Kat Fowler

Energy Therapist

Channeled Conversations Are Brought to You in Part By

Lea Anne is an Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Thai Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Certified Level 2 DNA Repair Theta Practitioner, Experienced Crystal Healer and Holographic Sound Practitioner. She uses ancient healing techniques and intuitive healing abilities to practice her unique healing art. Lea Anne has assisted many clients in clearing away layers of conditioning, suppressed emotions, mental patterns, and energy blockages leading to healing the root cause of pain on the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual level.

Lea Anne

Energy Therapist

Messages From The Council of Light Library

xan henman

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“With Gratitude, Love & Light - Thank you Kat and Amy for sharing and bringing so much to light. I feel a true connection and am always eager to learn more from the both of you. You are such a blessing to my individual growth and continually ...”

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“With Gratitude, Love & Light - Thank you Kat and Amy for sharing and bringing so much to light. I feel a true connection and am always eager to learn more from the both of you. You are such a blessing to my individual growth and continually help me through days that are tougher than others. I have so much love and gratitude for you both. I look forward to continuing this journey with you both!”

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