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Life is better when you can experience it with friends. Join Amy and I as we hold space for each of you to communicate with Spirit. This will be done in a group format, where each of you will give and receive multiple messages. 

Think of it as your own special Spirit party with your friends! Amy and I will gently guide this two hour Spirit Party, where you channel nonstop with your group. This is pure practice for those who need a little more support and would like to practice with an open and honest group.

In this fun, online party everyone will have an opportunity to give and receive messages from Spirit. Whether it be one word or a more in-depth reading, you will have the opportunity to give and receive a message with everyone. Collectively, messages will provide a beautiful insights full of love, light and encouragement from your angels and guides. 

Course Curriculum

Spirit Party - October 24th 2018 - 7pm- 9pm CST

2 hour Spirit Party October 24th 7pm - 9pm CST

1 Video
3 Texts
Nicole Bowdler &  Amy Sikarskie
Nicole Bowdler & Amy Sikarskie

About the instructor

An Earth Angel incarnated to help humanity.  Archangel Metatron introduced himself in 1994 to be of service to this beautiful spirit.  It was then; I understood my path would be one of conscious human development and learning directly from the Angelic Realm.  He would teach me about all realities and timelines concerning the planet.  Our work together has been one of love and unity consciousness.  Archangel Metatron is an astute teacher who guides his students upon self – realization rather than hierarchy.  Together we have helped thousands globally through personal sessions, channeled workshops and group activations.  We love to help people regain their confidence in self and understand who they are and who they have come here to be!

Amy Sikarskie is a liaison of Light and Encoded Frequencies. As an Angelic Starseed she has been communicating with guides and her angels since childhood. She has strengthened her connection with her the guides and the angelic realm and brought forward their messages in her two recent books, Starseeded Ascensions: Messages from the Councils, and Activating the Starseed. Amy offers energy therapy, readings, and past life regressions to client’s worldwide.   She is a Licensed Vocational Nurse, Crystal Light Table Practitioner, Reiki Master, Past Life Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Channel. Amy offers online classes, and in-person and private sessions by phone, email and Skype.

I feel this Channeling class has changed my life, my perspective, my world in just a few weeks, who would have thought that my life would be so different, I think that for anyone that is reading this, take the leap! - Aurora

Practice and be supported!

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