Hi Beautiful! My friend Petia Kolibova has put together a wonderful experience that I am so happy to be a part of and to share with you. 

Petia is a women's alignment coach who guides women to intuitively connect with their inner vision and become unapologetically abundant. 

She has put together  The Soulful Success Experience to support women (men, you're invited too!) who know they are meant for more success, impact, and fulfillment!

She and her team are bringing together experts on business, masculine/feminine energy, human design, chakras, embodiment, healing, personal transformation, and more. 

Our goal is to support you to gain clarity, make shifts, and apply strategies to cultivate Soulful Success for more impact, income, and fulfillment.

I am so excited to invite you to this experience and  to share in an insightful conversation on energy and your chakras. I will be sharing tips and easy exercises to enhance your chakra's health for a clear, inspired and soulful energetic experience. 

I am also exceptionally happy to share that I am offering the largest gift I have ever shared! 

8 Weeks of Spirit School's Chakra course.

This in-depth online opportunity will be offered FREE to guests of the Soulful Success Experience!

 🤗 💜✨

Petia has a podcast with hundreds of thousands of downloads interviewing some of the world's most influential leaders. She hosts retreats around the world and has coached women to create massive breakthroughs and cultivate the life of their dreams. 

If you are intrigued and would love see to what her vision has cultivated, click below to see what we have to offer, including the thousands of dollars worth of free gifts. 

Visit The Soulful Success Experience

LOGISTICS and how you can get access to this experience!

You may be wondering when it is… It’s happening over 7 days with 3 sessions released each day (no you don’t have to watch all the sessions, but you can if you want to) happening from Wednesday, August 17th till Tuesday, August 23rd. 

Petia has enlisted top experts in their fields! That means these sessions will be packed with value, inspiring stories, and strategies to level up exactly where you've felt stuck or where you're focusing on for more impact and growth. 

Petia is well aware that you likely have a career, family, and many other things on your To-Do list, so she has made sure to keep the sessions around 20-30 minutes so it's digestible and actionable.

When you go to The Soulful Success Experience website you can see a listing of all the confirmed speakers and their expertise/topics. 

Once you register you'll be able to access the membership portal. Keep checking back until the Experience starts as this membership page will have more details about when each speaker's session will go live and other amazing details and ways to amplify your Experience. 

The speakers will be covering topics including (but not limited to):

  • How to build a business with ease and soul (not hustle and burnout)

  • Keys to unlock your unique success blueprint with human design

  • Breaking through stigma and stories that prevent you from expressing your full feminine radiance

  • Strategies to embody success, aliveness, and confidence

  • Principles of spirituality to become magnetic to abundance and prosperity

  • Proven ways to manifest your deepest dreams & desires

  • Meditation, breath-work, crystals, and techniques to unblock and optimize your chakras

  • Neurolinguistic programming to create an unstoppable mindset of Soulful Success

  • Awakening your feminine leadership and sexual energy

  • And so much more!

This Experience is just a few weeks away! 🤗So please join us by reserving your seat and signing up now.

Soulful Success Experience

May you experience your deepest and greatest Soulful Success,

Amy 💕

Soulful Success Experience

August 17-23

I have been invited to speak in the Soulful Success Experience. I invite you to come and enjoy my session on working with energy and your chakras for soul - aligned success and health. I am also offering the biggest gift I've ever given away! Join Free Today 💖

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