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The Vogel Crystal Star of David cut combines the magical properties of the ancient symbol with the unique properties of crystal healing properties of quartz crystal. The cut is unique as faceting of the quartz creates the six sided star. By placing an upright triangle on the face of the stone and an inverted triangle on the opposite side of the stone an energetic flow is established.

Healing Crystals and Their Meanings

Crystal Singing Bowls & Pyramids

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I personally love my Wisdom Light Bowls and have been completely satisfied with the set I purchased from Imara. The Wisdom Light Bowls are known to be the highest quality and purest American Quartz bowls. 

They have a beautiful selection of sizes, crystals and notes. You can select your bowls to align with your Chakras, Astrological Sign, Endocrine system and sets for professional use. 

Visit Wisdom Light and check out their Om Bowls™, Zeal/Persecution bowls, Earth Star bowls™, High Chakra Bowls.

They offer musically match every set & customize to your needs. 7, 8, 9, 12, 17 note sets, Trios, Quartets, ……

You will receive personalized assistance from Imara, top-ranked Master Psychic, who uses her renown skills to help you with selecting the perfect bowl, pyramid, set for you. Teacher, and founder of the Wisdom Light Imara freely shares her bowl expertise of 30 years with Wisdom Light Bowlkeepers™

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The Wisdom Light® has been selling quartz crystal sound healing bowls and accessories to consumers and retailers around the globe since the 80’s.

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