Join Spirit School founder, Amy Sikarskie, in guided meditations and energy activations. 

The video library is of replays from group sessions and include a little conversation and information on the meditation, along with the guided experience. 

This volume includes a total of 7  experiences.  4 meditation / activations and 3 bonuses. 

  • Each meditation and activation video averages 60 minutes
  • Enjoy a bonus section on setting your space, spirit guides, and meeting your guides.
  • Receive  access for 1 full year from the date of purchase.

Library #1  includes uniquely guided meditations to clear, heal and activate your energetic light body. 

See below for a list of the library's contents.

Library of Experiences

  • 01

    ✨BONUS✨ Setting Your Space & Working with Your Team in Spirit

    • ✨ BONUS ✨ Setting Your Sacred Space - Estimated 20 Minutes

    • ✨ BONUS ✨ What are Spirit Guides? - 9:30 Minutes

    • ✨ BONUS ✨ 🧘🏽‍♀️ Audio Meditation to Meet Your Guides - 22:22 Minutes

  • 02

    Light Body Activations & Energy Meditations

    • ✨🌈 💖✨ Energy Clearing & Light Body Healing for Activation - Guided Meditation & Chat with Amy Sikarskie ✨🌈 💖✨ 60 Minutes

    • ✨ 16th & 12th Dimensional Light Body Activation Meditation with The Archangels, & Amy Sikarskie ✨ 🌈💖✨ 70 Minutes

    • 🔅 Archangel Energy Clearing A.I. Tech with Amy Sikarskie ✨🔅💖🔅✨ 65 Minutes

    • 🧘 10th & 11th Dimensions Guided Energy Healing Session with Amy Sikarskie ✨🔅💖🔅✨ 60 Minutes

Meet Amy

Facilitator's Bio:

Amy is an intuitive channel and energy therapist. She works closely with higher dimensional beings- including the client's higher self, angelic realms, spirit guides, and star councils. Amy specializes in mentoring the awakening Starseed and is a physical channel for Council of Light and Archangels. In her Spirit School courses, Amy shares many experiences and information on the energetic body, light working and intuitive communication. She is a Licensed Vocational Nurse, Certified Teacher, Reiki Master, Crystal Light Table Practitioner, Past Life Hypnotherapist and Channel. For more information visit

Amy Sikarskie

Reiki Master, Intuitive Channel

Clear, Cleanse, Reset & Recharge

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