Soul Retrieval Guided Energy Healing Meditation with 

The Archangels & Amy Sikarskie

Soul retrieval is the experience of calling your energy back from other times and places. It is an aspect of healing  that can heal emotional, mental and physical discomforts. It can activate dormant DNA, clear out stagnant energy and align you with your soul path. 

Calling your Light, your Soul back to you from traumatic spaces in time leads to a wholeness that can enhance the quality of your life and upgrade your intuition and clair senses.

Guided Soul Retrieval Meditation


We see your light and honor your strength, having gratitude for the magical and beautiful light that you share. Thank you! This earth greatly benefits from your compassion and love. As you continue to release, clear and heal, please enjoy this guided meditation as a gift.

Hear What Others Have to Share

"Thank you for this! I really loved this meditation! 

So much happened for me. When you mentioned to have weapons be released from you I legit had a pile of weapons of all sorts come out of me. Like you said they weren't just swords but random artifacts. I literally started to peel my skin and saw my light body as I shook my skin to drop more weapons. My skin came back on and felt it be so light. 

I got to see my dragons circle me and create a light around like an egg with geometric patterns that were gold creating shapes of roses in the egg shape light. When you said to let the light of who I am in I was floating in the air while a white and blue light entered me and my physical body shook a little. I felt it alot in my right hand. I saw the light entering and parts of my body cracking like clay and allowing the light to push what no longer served me out. Then I saw myself shift into many different people walking along a grass plain. I was a warrior, a priestess, a black smith, a scholar, and so much more. 

Then when you said to allow all those parts of me in I felt so much warmth on my skin when that light of all versions me came into my heart space. I heard it's time to step into my greatness. That they are here to help me and to continue asking for the abundance, prosperity,  health, wealth, and creativity. I've been laying the bricks for the road that is to take me to places I would have never imagined right now but that the future self has already imagined for me. 

It was a really beautiful session. 

Also the arch angel you called in at the beginning felt like they were massaging my neck, shoulders, and arms. I felt my heart rate sink up with that sensation in my neck, shoulders, and arms. The amethyst light around my throat chakra had my skin heating up tremendously. It was a beautiful experience on this full moon in Pisces ♓ to enjoy. 

Thank you for providing this free content. It brings so much joy, ease, love, understanding, growth, and healing on so many levels. ✨ 🙇🏽‍♀️💫💜👁💙

“Thanks Amy! My body kept getting chills and I felt a tightness in the middle of my upper back. Can't wait to see actual shifts in my reality. Thank you so much. 😊”

“Amy, this is such a gift:! Thank you for being of service and for this amazing energy healing! I sat in front of the sun in the woods and felt each chakra align with all the amazing lights! Love you always beautiful sistar 💛”

“Hey Amy, I feel the call to share this with you. I took your advice that you shared with me on stories the other day and found one of your soul retrieval meditation... I've done it the past two nights and I feel sooo much better and much more myself, I don't even know who the person on Monday was 😂. It was magical last night and I feel my system was just soaking up all of the rainbow energy ✨️ I felt like I was levitating at one point but also in my body at the same time, it was amazing I've never experienced that before so thank you soooooo much for your guidance, im so grateful my heart could burst 🥰🤗✨️”