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Join us for a special course in abundant living where you will be taken through the many facets of TRUE Abundance. Each section has been carefully developed for our Spirit School family! We are here to help you develop a vision and timeline for true abundance in your life. Come create with us, step into YOUR MAGIC and ACTIVATE your VIBRATIONAL match to ABUNDANCE!

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Course materials will be available indefinitely so that students can come back and review materials and work at their own pace.

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You Course Includes

  • Online Videos

    Unlimited access to your self-paced course. This includes on location videos from Nicole and Amy on the many facets of abundance including working with the spheres of creation and sacred geometry.

  • Meditations & Activations

    Light body activation and sacred geometry meditations to help shift your vibration and align with your abundant birthright and highest timeline.

  • PDFs and Closed Captioned Content

    We know everyone learns differently and this is why we have close captioned our videos and have PDFs and text to assist you in your course work.

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Course Highlights

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    Some Topics Will Include:

    Show Content
    • Welcome to Our Day of Abundance
    • What Is Abundance?
    • Spoken Word & Creation
    • Clearing Out The Old
    • Creating A Vision
    • Written Intention
    • Creating Opportunities
    • Energetic Integrations
    • Exercise in Clearing Beliefs
    • Accessing Higher Realms of Creation
    • Manifesting Meditation

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Instructor Bio:

Amy is an intuitive channel and energy therapist. She works closely with higher dimensional beings- including the client's higher self, angelic realms, spirit guides, and star councils. Amy specializes in mentoring the awakening Starseed and channels the Council of Light for information that supports their life mission. In her Spirit School courses, Amy shares many experiences and information on the energetic body, light working and intuitive communication. She is a Licensed Vocational Nurse, Certified Teacher, Reiki Master, Crystal Light Table Practitioner, Past Life Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Channel. For more information visit

Amy Sikarskie, LVN, CHt

Reiki Master, Intuitive Channel

Amy  Sikarskie, LVN, CHt


Instructor Bio:

An Earth Angel incarnated to help humanity.  Archangel Metatron introduced himself in 1994 to be of service to this beautiful spirit.  It was then; I understood my path would be one of conscious human development and learning directly from the Angelic Realm.  He would teach me about all realities and timelines concerning the planet.  Our work together has been one of love and unity consciousness.  Archangel Metatron is an astute teacher who guides his students upon self – realization rather than hierarchy.  Together we have helped thousands globally through personal sessions, channeled workshops and group activations.  We love to help people regain their confidence in self and understand who they are and who they have come here to be!  

Nicole Marie Bowdler

Physical Medium

Nicole Marie Bowdler

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