Reiki Level III - Master Practitioner ART

Advanced Reiki Training

Level III students will receive the Reiki Master attunement and symbol to strengthen their Reiki channel. They will be certified as a Reiki Master Practitioner. Following the completion of this certification and after sufficient experience, students will then have the opportunity to train as a Reiki Master Sensei/Teacher. This is typically after a minimum of one year as a practicing Reiki Master Practitioner.

Reiki III Certification Requirements:
  • Be certified in Reiki II
  • Receive the Master attunement
  • Read the manual
  • Review any handouts
  • Complete the online modules
  •  Turn in written understanding and drawing of Reiki Master Symbol.
  • 3 hours of hands-on practice. Practice 3 sessions / approximately 180 minutes total of Reiki healing on self, animal or another person. It is recommended that one of these sessions be a remote or distance session.
  • Submit 3 documented sessions
For the home Reiki I, II and III courses, you receive:

  1. Two 30 minute phone or Skype calls per course for the attunement and any questions that you may have. These must be received within 60 days of enrollment. 

  2. Access to the online class for a minimum of 30 days

  3. A manual from the International Reiki Center will be provided to students. It may be Digital or Printed based on the availability in your region. Read more about the Reiki Master Manual here.

  4. Class Notes and Handouts

  5. Certificate of Completion

Course Work

Students are asked to:

  • Read the manual
  • Review any handouts
  • Complete the online modules
  • Three hours of hands-on practice

Time Line

The course is a self-paced system of study allowing the student 

  • 30 days access to the online modules 
  • 60 days from the time of enrollment to receive their attunements (each level comes with 2 attunements).
  • 90 days from the time of enrollment to complete all homework.

All Digital Sales are Final. Please Review our Student Agreement prior to enrollment. Spirit School Student Agreement (1).pdf

What's included?

17 Videos
4 Texts
4 PDFs
1 Audio
Amy  Sikarskie, LVN
Amy Sikarskie, LVN
Reiki Master, Intuitive Channel

About the instructor

Amy Sikarskie is liaison of Light and Encoded Frequencies. As an Angelic Starseed she has been communicating with guides and her angels since childhood. She has strengthened her connection with her guides and the angelic realm and brought forward their messages the  Starseeded Ascensions books and videos which are available on YouTube @AmySikarskie.

Amy offers energy therapy, readings and past life regressions to client’s worldwide.  She is a Licensed Vocational Nurse, Crystal Light Table Practitioner, Reiki Master, Certified Teacher, Past Life Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Channel. Amy offers online classes, and in-person and private sessions by phone, email and Skype.

Connect with Amy on Instagram at

What others have been saying about this course:

"Being an intuitive,  I am a believer in intentions, Amy's intention to giving and my intention of receiving created beautiful experiences during my Reiki Home Study Attunements. I'd like to share one of my experiences with you. I began to feel pressure around the top of my head (crown chakra) it felt like I was wearing a concrete hat. Then tingling surrounded me and ran down my body, as if I stepped inside a crystal vault. This was followed by a metal taste in my mouth; (which I know as clairgustance-the ability to connect with spirit through taste.) Next I felt as if I was being wrapped in a very warm, calming blanket. Then I had a tingly itchy feeling (energy) on the left said of my face, then the right. In my third eye chakra I saw floating colors of purple, dark royal blue and white. (I associated these colors with the Archangels, which was confirmed when the figure of an angel came in.) Next I saw what appeared as a floating eye, watching me, then  I saw and felt sky blue and clouds pulsating around my head.  The energy slowly subsided and I opened my eyes as a calmness filled me. Writing this down chills down run down my spine; again I give Gratitude to The Masters, the Angels, and our Creator. The Reiki Home Study worked perfect for me, I know spirit led me to Amy and I am so grateful to her for her love, guidance and teachings. " 

_ Dianne M. Canyon Lake, TX 

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